Something Wonderful is Happening

I began channeling Jesus in 1989. In all those years I have never experienced what happened on July 29th when offering a Jesus Blessing to a community in Medford, New Jersey. The evening began as normal, I spoke a short while and then the channeling began. He delivered a message as always, followed with Individual Blessings.

When I returned and opened my eyes the room was filled with a soft white light. Everyone was smiling and lit up. Their eyes and skin were glowing. The energy in the room was something I have never experienced. We definitely were in another realm and had ascended out of the third dimension of separation and duality. There was so much peace that no one spoke for the longest time. When they did they had so much gratitude for their experience, sharing how it had change them.

Sharing from the Blessing: Thank you, Virginia!  Being in your presence is a blessing in itself.  When you channel Jesus, it is almost beyond words.  The tears of joy and love flowed freely I was so touched by His presence and love.  His teachings are beautiful.  His words and his demeanor are so filled with love and gentleness and hope. His personal message to me at two blessings I was able to attend were so on target, so what I was working on, so what I needed to hear that I cried all the more.  I feel I was deeply touched and know I had a shift in energy. I am flowing so much better with my ‘issues’.  It is a joy to observe my healing and growth. May God continue to bless you in your service to us and the planet.

I proceeded the following week to lead an Awakening the Cell of the Christ Retreat. We had a full house Everyone was new to being at retreat with Jesus and me except two Sacred Heart Yoga teachers who had traveled from out of the area to join us. I introduced a new practice which is called Sacred Energy Movement. This Sacred Movement lifts us up into higher dimensions which are felt at a cellular level. The words I speak are from the Fifth Dimension or Heavenly Realms of Love. The energy of the words penetrates into the soul, emotions and limited mind. Everyone is lifted and sheds layers of limitation.  Each day the words took us higher and higher in the Heavenly Realms of Love, purifying us and illuminating us with the Light of Love. We became the Light of Love.

On the second day Jesus spoke and led everyone into stepping upward into fulfillment. He then proceeded to Awaken the Cell of the Christ in each one present, which deeply affected and shifted each person.

The third day was amazing again I have never experience the purity of love that the words held. We were all blessed. The completion of the day was another ceremony. I walked around the circle twice. Each circle was a different form of ritual one with water and one with roses. As I touch each person and spoke from my heart words of appreciation and love, tears of love flowed from my heart. This energy was the purest love I have ever been blessed with. I was love itself, pure and perfect.

In just three days all of this occurred and none of us will ever be the same.

Sharing: Being in the presence of Virginia is being in the presence of Love itself.  The words spoken, the lessons taught, the activities we participated in… all of these were so powerful and transformative because they were delivered with and through the energy of this Love. I am transformed, and my soul was reminded what it is like to be Home. Thank you, Virginia! Thank you to all who participated. Love and blessings, Carolyn, NJ

This retreat with Virginia was extraordinary. I am not the same person that I was when I walked in. This work is unlike anything I have ever done before and has left me feeling more expansive, powerful, at peace, and in love with myself. Mere words cannot explain the magnitude of how magnificent this retreat was and how transforming Virginia’s energy and words are. This work is deep but extremely simple, fun and completely worth it. With love, Carly, PA

Jesus and I are offering Awakening the Cell of the Christ Retreat

3 Heavenly Days of Being Immersed in Love

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Oct. 8, 9 and 10th

Oahu, Hawaii, November 11, 12 and 13th

Limited Lodging is Available if coming in for these event.

This retreat is so powerful and so many layers will fall away in the Grace of Love and Truth.

$200.00 dollar deposit to reserve a space and $195.00 balance Oct. 1st for Santa Fe. Balance for Hawaii is due Nov. 1st. There are 10 space for each retreat due to size of space.






August 2nd New Moon will be gracious and bring us the opportunity to move upward into the mind of spirit. The mind of the ego will be tested at this time. Stay conscious of anything that causes any disharmony in your emotional body. When something happens that may disturb you, causing concern, upset or any reaction, use it to ascend. See that this is the golden opportunity to go within to the past, for every moment of disharmony comes from the past.

We are not really upset with anyone in the present moment, each upset presents the gift of Resurrection.  It is a grand opportunity to see what happened in the past that felt similar to this. The individual or group that is causing the upset is gracing you with the opportunity to take full responsibility for your feelings and dive within the self to set yourself free from the past.

When we untie the cords to our past relationships we are set free to live and move in the Grace that this new moon brings to us.

We each possess the straight, courage and love to free ourselves and Resurrect into the Love and Grace of the present moment.

Step One: Forgive yourself for the limited feelings you hold from the past bring to yourself the Truth of Love. Wrong does not exist in Unconditional Love. Blame does not exist in Unconditional Love. Allow all beings to be as they are without making them wrong. Love them as they are this is the Law of Allowing. Unconditional Love is the Law of Allowing.


Next Step: Choose the Truth that you desire to experience. Feel deeply the Truth until your cells vibrate with a new frequency. As you embrace the Truth, it will be experienced in your next moments of life.

It is time to allow Grace to be our moment to moment experience of living.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. May it serve you and fill your life with Grace and Love. Virginia Ellen







The Priestess is found in the Seal of Deliverance which is you Fifth Sacred Seal. She is a Powerful Force and she is found not only in woman, she is also in each man on earth.
The Priestess has become the qualities of the Divine Male. She has a great sense of purpose and the passion and willingness to fulfill her purpose. The Divine Feminine walks in profound faith, and she walks the higher path of truth which is not of the third dimension.

This strong and powerful being has the courage of the lion which is located in the Heart Seal. She has become the strength of the Divine Male and leads him with love and truth into the higher dimensions of Love.
This beloved one, is Self-Love. Therefore, she can unconditionally love her human male. As she unconditionally loves her human male he transforms into the Divine Male. The Priest is the male component of the Fifth Sacred Seal. Through her acceptance and love of her human male he Resurrects into a Divine Male force on earth.
When the Divine Male is alive and living in the human form your world will be healed. No more cheating, lying, controlling, or competition. At this level of evolution, you no longer live in the material realm, you no longer live in the third dimension. Money no longer keeps you stuck in limitation.
Ascension is waiting for you,

Magdalena Teaches Priestess Power with Virginia Ellen
June 25th 10am to 5pm – South Jersey Hypnosis Center
When a woman has come into her own power, she stands strong and firm on a platform of love as the source of her power. She is no longer a victim, and she no longer lives under the rule of male dominance. She realizes you cannot gain from another’s loss.
She demonstrates courage; she can be ferocious in her quest for justice. She is beautiful and owns her beauty as the true essence of her being. She has moved out of relying on her physical attributes as her source of power and worth. She is a strong leader committed to truth.
The Priestess renews life within her and regenerates her power. She is a transmitter of energy. She is focused. She holds her ground and knows that her decisions shape her destiny, not the circumstances of her life.
Accepting Priestess Power means standing firmly and speaking the truth, and not being afraid of rocking the boat. The priestess is a facilitator of change using creative energy, implementing new concept.
Village II Offices, Suite 18,1200 S Church St. Mt Laurel. 856-449-7203
Energy Exchange: $150.00 if pre-paid by June 20th or $199.00 at door.
Space is limited so please register early. Bring a yoga mat we will do Sacred Heart Yoga

register on-line with PayPal.


Rejuvenation is indeed a possibility as one ascends into the Heavenly Realms of Unconditional Love.  For in the 5th dimension and beyond there are no thoughts that are not of love. Each being that resides in this Heavenly Realm of Pure Love has mastered the limited self or ego self.

Mastering the ego self is accomplished when one unconditional loves themselves. There is no judgement of self therefore there is only compassion and understanding for others.

Self-Love will be your greatest accomplishment of this life time. It will not be the awards you have won; it will not be the financial abundance you have created. It will not be your education, or titles.

For in the Heavenly Realms there is no money, disease, death, success or failure. There is no gender, you have no roles or titles. You are known by your colors and your sounds.  Your sounds are the sounds of your love and they are creation itself. Your colors represent your purpose and mission. Every being is love with their own purpose for existing. Each has their own mission and there is no comparison and no completion. Each being is satisfied and fulfilled in being itself because it knows who and what it is. It knows the purpose of its existence.

In the third dimension humanity has lost its purpose for existing it has become a material world, not a spiritual world.

The Death Hormone

When one judge’s self or another they create a death hormone and begin to age. The body begins to deteriorate.  You are destroying yourself because you do not love yourself. As you begin to return each cell and its consciousness and emotions to love the cell awakens and begins to instantly rejuvenate.

Love created each molecule of the physical body, and love is what holds the body together. When you condemn yourself or another, you are condemning yourself to death.

Ascension is to deeply and truly Love yourself and all of your humanness. Love all the mistakes you have made, love what you judge about yourself. Begin to see how you gossip and spread lies about each other. Stop talking about others and return to yourself for here lies your ascension. If you are gossiping it tells you that you are in great need of love.

You have a choice now to create the Hormones of Rejuvenation or Death.

When you love yourself you become whole and complete. This is the next step for those that are ready to live in this world but not of it. High Priestess Magdalena